Barca Ultras Attack Hooligan Leader At COVID Hospital

Football hooliganism continues despite the perilous situation. Three Barcelona ultras attack the former leader of a rival club’s hooligans as he leaves a hospital after delivering food to medical staff fighting coronavirus.

The incident occurred on Saturday 4th April at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona, located in the autonomous community of Catalonia in northeastern Spain.

Former Espanyol hooligan leader Fernando San Mames, known as ‘Fredy’ by locals, was assaulted by three Barcelona ultras as he was leaving the hospital after delivering food.

The video shows the moment San Mames walks away from the hospital when he is confronted by a man who stops him by placing his hand on his chest.

The two are seen having a brief exchange when the unknown man place his arm over San Mames as he says: “Know who this is?” and throws an unsuspecting punch at the former hooligan leader’s face.

The Barcelona supporter says “Fredy” revealing his identity and continues to throw punches at him, pinning him against a bench.

San Mames manages to free himself and runs back to towards the hospital as a second hooligan runs after him and delivers a kick as a woman seen going down the escalator runs back up in fear of being hurt in the incident.

San Mames manages to escape running back up the stairs while the Barcelona supporters shout insults at him such as “run b*tch!” and “run fagg*t!”.

Local media report San Mames and the Barcelona supporters were all delivering food to the hospital for medical staff who are treating COVID-19 patients.

San Mames was the leader of the former hooligan group Brigadas Blanquiazules who supported Espanyol but ceased activity in 2010.

They had bitter clashes against Barcelona hooligan group Boixos Nois and are notorious in Spain for their acts of violence and clashes with police. The three hooligans in the video are members of the group, according to reports.

Boixos Nois had good relations with Barcelona before they were banned from attending matches in 2003 by former club president Joan Laporta, 57.

It is unclear if there is an investigation on the incident.