Spanish Police Arrest Violent Partygoers During Lockdown

Spanish police have arrested five family members on the street for holding a party during the present  14-day lockdown.

The police arrested the five relatives on Santiago Lapuente Street in the neighbourhood of Jesus in the city of Zaragoza in the northern Spanish region of Aragon for holding a party and playing loud music.

The family members were reportedly celebrating a birthday.

According to local media, angry neighbours called the police about the loud party noise and two patrol cars arrived on the scene.

Police officers asked the family to turn down the music, but they allegedly insulted the officials and threw objects at them while saying: “We are in quarantine.”

Cops called for backup and two more patrol cars arrived, before five relatives were arrested in the street, as seen in the video.

Local media said the suspects were taken to a nearby police station and some of them had injuries to their head and body. It is unclear if any of them have been charged.

For the next two weeks, Spanish residents can only leave their home for work or to visit the supermarket, pharmacy, bank or medical centre. Locals can also leave their house to attend elderly loved ones or those dependent on others.

Dog owners are also allowed to leave their homes to walk their pooch, but only one person at a time.