Opera Singer Wows Isolated Neighbours During Lockdown

Residents in a Barcelona neighbourhood were given an operatic treat from a professional opera singer who sang out a tender song from her apartment to her neighbours during the COVID-19 lockdown in Spain – and she was such a big hit she has promised to perform a song every night.

Soprano singer Begona Alberdi is currently isolated with her husband in their apartment on Calabria Street in Eixample in the city of Barcelona in the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia following the government’s lockdown on Sunday.

Pic Shows: Begona Alberdi, the singer.

Alberdi told Newsflash: “It was 8pm and neighbours applauded hospital workers and we cheered them on too. It was so moving to see everybody coming together to thank them.

“It touched me and I thought, we live in a very cool world.”

She added: “I thought I want to sing and my husband told me ‘do it then’ so I started singing.”

In the footage, neighbours are heard saying “wow” as Alberdi’s operatic tones fill the air and residents watch from their balconies.

At one point, the cameraperson is heard choking up at the beauty of Alberdi’s singing.

Footage of the incident has been widely shared on social media and Alberdi told Newsflash: “A friend of mine who lives nearby told me about the videos and now everyone is asking me to sing every day.

“It is so beautiful and I will continue to carry on during the whole lockdown, one song every evening.

Alberdi joked: “I have performed at the Liceu [Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona] 273 times and now it seems I have become famous for singing at my window!”

The opera singer has over 30 years of experience and has also performed in New York.

Alberdi also appears to be living up to her promise of performing one song every evening as she reportedly entertained neighbours again the following night.

She told Newsflash: “Now is time to stay at home. We will have time to go on walks and do normal stuff later, this is a life lesson, to make us feel that common objectives can be accomplished after this.”