Cop Cheers Up Kids During Lockdown With Street Dance

A Spanish police officer in a face mask breaks the lockdown routine performing a choreographed dance in front of a block of flats to keep the children inside in good spirits during the lockdown in Spain.

The touching scenes were recorded by local residents in the Camino de La Goleta area of the city of Almeria in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia when the national police officer, whose name has not been revealed, was seen dancing to the children’s song “Chuchuwa” by the popular group Cantajuegos.

it is not clear where the music is coming from but it could be the nearby patrol cars speakers, as the door is open. In the video, the police officer can be seen standing in front of his vehicle with a face mask on as he performs the dance, turning in a circle with his arms out in front him.

He then claps his hands before repeating as the residents can be heard laughing.

Resident Ramon told local newspaper La Voz de Almeria “it was very fun and touching” to see the office working to put a smile on the faces of children and adults during the lockdown.

Another resident said the cop had been applauded at the end of his performance, saying “it was awesome, a very fun moment. Things like this make everything seem better and create a feeling of solidarity.”

.Spain has confirmed a total of 11,826 cases of COVID-19 with 533 deaths and 1,028 recoveries.

Residents have been told by the government to stay at home and are only allowed to leave the house for essential trips to the supermarket, pharmacy and banks, among others.