Cops Catch Man Walking Toy Dog During Virus Lockdown

This is the moment Spanish cops catch a cheeky man trying to get around lockdown by pretending to walk a toy dog in order to get around confinement rules that make exceptions for pet owners.

The incident was filmed on Marques de Santillana Street in the city of Palencia in the central Spanish region of Castile and Leon during Spain’s strict isolation measures.

For the next two weeks, Spanish residents can only leave their home for work or to visit the supermarket, pharmacy, bank or medical centre. Locals can also leave their house to attend elderly loved ones or those dependent on others.

Dog owners are also allowed to leave their homes to walk their pooch, but only one person at a time.

As this video shows, one cooped-up resident apparently decided to ignore the strict measures to go for a leisurely stroll under the guise that he was walking a dog.

However, he was spotted by patrolling cops walking a toy dog and now faces a fine, according to local media.

The police shared the video on social media with the message: “We are facing a very serious situation and now is not the time to go for a walk and try to trick the police.

“You will not be able to cheat us and you will be sanctioned if you try.

“It is a matter of public health, this virus needs to be stopped by all of us together.”

As of 17th March, there have been 9,942 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 342 related deaths.