COVID Tourist Escapes Hospital

A tourist who tested positive for coronavirus has been arrested after escaping from a hospital without authorisation and going back to her hotel in Majorca.

The woman, whose name and nationality were not reported, was arrested after leaving the Son Espases Hospital in Palma de Majorca in the eastern Spanish region of the Balearic Islands, without authorisation.

Local media report the woman went back to the hotel and hospital staff called the police in order to locate her.

The name of the hotel has not been reported in order to avoid causing panic.

Cops went to the hotel and carried out administrative detention on the woman at 1pm yesterday (Sunday) before taking her back to the hospital where she remains.

A spokesperson for the National Police confirmed to Newsflash that the woman was not British or Irish.

Local media report police are patrolling the streets in the Balearic Islands in order to impose the nationwide lockdown in Spain for the coronavirus.

Reports state there were no major incidents on the first day of the lockdown.

Those who do not follow the authorities’ instructions during the lockdown could face a fine of between 600 and 30,000 EUR (534 and 26,721 GBP), according to local medi