Police Called For Lion Find Dog With Fur Trimmed Like Mane

Residents in a Spanish town called the cops after spotting what they thought was a lion but it actually turned out to be a huge dog with its fur trimmed to look like a mane.

The incident took place on the outskirts of the town of Molina de Segura, in the south-eastern Spanish region of Murcia when police were called by residents saying a lion was walking the streets.

Officers went to the scene but found that the ‘lion’ was actually a pet dog and it was even fitted with a microchip.

Pic shows: Police shared the picture of the dog.
Residents in a Spanish town called the cops after spotting what they thought was a lion but actually turned out to be this huge dog with a bizarre hairstyle.

Images show the dog’s fur had been cut to resemble a lion’s mane, with a bulb of fur left on the tip of its tail.

The owner of the pooch was identified and the police shared photos of the dog with the caption: “Several calls were received this morning from people who had seen a lion, and other people saying that they had spotted a strange animal, but in the end we did the microchip test and it ended up being a dog”.

The police shared a photo of the pooch’s face with the caption: “Calm down officer, woof woof.”

It is unclear if the dog’s owner faces a sanction for leaving it outside.

‘MirallesMi’ commented: “Hahaha the clippers only did half the job and he was left like this, looking like a lion”.

‘rosarojaespino1’ criticised the owner saying: “The shaving done to this animal is terrible. Dogs with this kind of hair cannot be shaved. The fur will probably not grow properly and there will be places without fur. It is not funny at all”.

‘LuisDia76487647’ added: “These kinds of dogs are very obedient, especially with children and disabled people. The hairstyle.. it was a joke. There are other breeds whose hair is cut like this.”

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