Pilot Dies In Crash Landing After Mid-Air Engine Fault

This is the moment a crashed plane sends a huge cloud of dark smoke into the air following an emergency landing that resulted in the pilot’s death.

The incident took place on Thursday evening at the Real Aeroclub de Navarra in the town of Noain in the northern Spanish region of Navarra.

According to local media, the aircraft, with just the pilot on board, was flying from Sabadell in the north-eastern Spanish province of Barcelona when it encountered an engine fault.

The pilot, identified as businessman Javier Miranda, announced that one of the engines of the plane, a Piper Aerostar, had failed several minutes before the crash landing, according to reports.

The local emergency services rushed to scene, but the plane reportedly crash-landed before they could arrive.

Local media said the plane crashed into a parked car, setting it on fire, before narrowly missing a house with a resident inside.

The aircraft also knocked down a power line causing electricity problems in the area, according to reports.

Local media said the emergency services arrived to tackle the flames and the pilot was soon confirmed as dead.

The crash did not affect the airport’s operations.

It is yet to be confirmed whether the local authorities are investigating the incident.