Balearics Ban All You Can Drink Booze Nights

British tourists are set to lose out on bargain booze getaways as authorities in Ibiza and Majorca have now passed new laws restricting all-you-can-drink hotel offers.

Magaluf most important street.

The Regional Government of the Balearic Island in eastern Spain has passed the new law, with the support of all political parties with the exception of the far-right wing political party VOX.

The new law lowers the amount of premises selling all-inclusive packages in a bid to lower booze-based tourism in the area.

The law will last five years and the territory will be in four specific areas, Playa de Palma, Arenal, Magaluf and the West End of Sant Antoni of Portmany.

Dangerous activities such as ‘balconing’ have also been formally banned, and anyone caught carrying out the activities will be kicked off the premises and face fines of between 6,001 EUR and 60,000 EUR (5,128 and 51,282 GBP).

Publicity which promotes alcohol consumption in touristic premises, free bars, happy hours and other promotions has been banned. Self-service machines and shops selling alcohol will be closed between 9.30pm and 8am.

The new law will come into effect this summer but the authorities will respect agreements customers have already made with travel agencies and hotels.

The Councillor of Economic Model, Tourism and Work, Iago Negueruela, said the new law “is needed, pioneering and backs quality (tourism)”. He said the goal is not to earn money through fines, but to stop behaviour that needs to be stopped.

Jorge Campos, spokesman for VOX in the regional parliament, said that despite not voting in favour of the law his party shared the same goal of getting rid off booze-based tourism, but according to them, the new law is discriminatory as it only affects some specific areas.

He said the new law will force the closure of hotels, restaurants and bars in the affected areas, which would involve the loss of jobs.

According to local media, the hotel business association in Playa de Palma, Magaluf and Sant Antoni will make their clients sign a good-behaviour waiver during their time in the hotel in order to avoid legal problems.