Netflicks Takes Down Bellas Artes Lewd Billboard

Netflix has been forced to take down a huge advert for British TV series ‘Sex Education’ starring Gillian Anderson in the centre of Madrid after it was erected with the slogan “YOU WILL WANT TO SWALLOW IT ALL”.

The advertising canvas was taken down from outside the Circulo de Bellas Artes in the central Spanish capital Madrid after it was used to promote the British teen comedy-drama ‘Sex Education’ starring 90s sex symbol Gillian Anderson, 51.

The advert contained the slogan “You will want to swallow it all” in large capital letters.

The series became a critical and commercial success for Netflix, with over 40 million viewers streaming the first series after its debut. It was promptly renewed for a second series which was released on 17th January.

The story follows Otis, the teenage son of a sex therapist (Anderson) who decides to launch his own sexual therapy services to his classmates for money.

The streaming company announced that the canvas was taken down on Twitter, adding: “We did not last long!”

According to local media, the advert was removed because it covered more than 35 percent of the maximum advertising space allowed by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage.

The town planning office notified Netflix of the irregularity and they removed the advert themselves, according to reports.

It is unclear if the suggestive slogan received any complaints from Madrid residents.

The streaming company also caused a social media stir in Christmas 2016 when they use the slogan “Oh White Christmas” to advertise the series ‘Narcos’ about notorious drug dealer Pablo Escobar.