Top Male Model Slams Insta For Censoring Naked Pic

Spanish model and actor Jon Kortajarena has slammed Instagram for censoring an “artistic” snap of him naked in the shower for his 2.4 million followers because it allegedly showed his penis.

The 34-year-old model, who starred alongside Colin Firth and Julianne Moore in the Tom Ford film ‘A Single Man’, then posted a ‘safer’ version of the naked photo – with a black arrow adroitly placed over his manhood – on Instagram where he explained the incident.

Jon Kortajarena.

The beefy Spaniard said: “Instagram censored a photo because some netizens apparently considered it as pornographic. Are we mad? Are we now censoring art? Are we censoring our own bodies? Nudity should not be sexualised.

“Our body is part of what we are, and it is something beautiful. Everyone is different, but we are natural, beautiful. It is how we come into this world, and how we will leave it.

“The truly offensive stuff on here is posted by hunters, people who abuse animals and use violence and weapons. This is offensive. A man or a woman’s body is not!

“That is why I am posting the photo again. If you want to see an arrow, here is an arrow.”

In the black and white photo, the model pasted a black arrow where his genitals apparently reflect from the bathroom mirror.

The photo has been ‘liked’ 190,000 times and received 3,000 comments.

‘Pelayodiaz’ commented: “People who do not appreciate your beauty must have reported it. Don’t worry, I will happily wait for the uncensored version to be posted.”

‘Libreyfelli’ said: “Beauty and nature should never be censored.”

‘BeaPerezp’ wrote: “Those censoring you should go to hell!”

Jon Kortajarena is a top Spanish model and actor who starred in the Netflix series ‘Alta Mar’ (‘High Seas’).

The 34-year-old, who used to date Welsh actor Luke Evans, has modelled for brands such as Calvin Klein, Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani, and Guess, among others.

Reports said that Al Gore selected him as an ambassador to raise awareness of climate change in Spain and Latin America