Flamenco Dancing Priest Goes Viral

An elderly priest shows off his flamenco moves during mass in front of a packed congregation.

Father Jose Palmas hit the headlines in his native Spain after the clip of him dancing at the Nuestra Senora de los Angeles Church in the city of Malaga in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia was posted on Facebook by netizen ‘Maria Luz Aguilar-Galindo’ where it has been viewed over 350,000 times.

Reports said that he was dubbed the ‘flamenco priest’ when he used to serve a different church in the neighbourhood of Campanillas.

He told local media: “My grandfather was a gypsy and dancing has always been very natural in my family. I have always enjoyed dancing, not only flamenco.

“I also dance ‘chotis’ (traditional Madrid dance), tango (a partner dance) and Sevillana (similar to flamenco).”

He added: “Dancing gives a joyous image of the gospels, mass and culture.

“It is also a nice way of attracting people to the church and help them enjoy mass.”

Father Palmas also once danced in front of Pope John Paul II in 1997 when he visited the region to beatify Spanish Civil War martyr Ceferino Gimenez Malla.

Netizen ‘Gheorghe Viorel Leva’ said: “Ole! The priest’s dancing is pure art!”

‘Angie Jimenez’ commented: “If he likes dancing, why not do so? What is wrong with that?”

‘Carmen Lucia Berenguel’ wrote: “Wonderful priest! Religious services should be filled with joy.”