Strong Winds Force Plane To Approach Runway At 90d Angle

This footage shows an aeroplane trying to land on a runway at a Spanish airport in such strong winds that the aircraft approaches at what seems to be a 90-degree angle before the pilot gives up and aborts.

Plane To Approach Runway 90d

The incident was shared on social media by netizen ‘Amandi82’ who said the plane was trying to land at an airport in the northern Spanish autonomous community of Cantabria.

In the footage, the plane is seen hovering above the runway in windy conditions before the pilot appears to give up and gain altitude.

The camerawoman is heard saying “it can’t, it can’t” in the moments before the plane ascended.

The ‘Elsa’ cold front has caused severe rainstorms and flash floods in many parts of northern Spain where harsh weather conditions have reportedly affected multiple flights taking off and landing in the cities of Santander, Santiago de Compostela and Bilbao.

As well as causing damage to numerous homes, roads and city centres, the weather conditions have also affected several Vueling, Iberia and Ryanair flights, according to local media.

Twitter user ‘Amandi82’ wrote: “An Iberia plane flying into the north could not land when it arrived at the airport. It gained altitude when it was almost landing and has not come back so far.”