Moment Teacher Is Applauded By Pupils On Last-Ever Day

This is the moment a teacher is warmly applauded and given a guard of honour on his last day of school before his retirement.

Carlos Socas taught Language and Literature at the Antonio Gonzale state Secondary School, in the town of Tejina, in the island of Tenerife, in the south-western Spanish region of the Canary Islands.

Socas had worked there for 18 years and a video of him being applauded on his last day was recorded by his daughter Sara Socas.

In the clip, the teacher can be seen walking down the stairs of the school as students gather either side of him clapping and cheering.

He hugs some of the students and shakes some of their hands as they pat his back. The adoring students line the corridor as he walks out of the school and he can be seen taken aback by the kind gesture.

The video was shared with the message saying “my dad retired today as a teacher after 33 years (working) and he had this surprise at the high school. I love you old man, you are the best teacher and the best father.”

The video received more than 62,000 views, over 5,300 likes and more than 600 comments from netizens.

The teacher said “for me it was a pleasure to work in this school and I send a big hug to all the people I have shared these years with.”

Local media report the 60-year-old teacher would often arrive to class and sing ‘Oh Captain, My Captain’ like the famous scene from the 1989 film Dead Poets Society. His students said his teaching would spark their interest in language and made them enjoy reading.

He reportedly plans to spend his retirement reading and walking.