Moment Hero Cop Saves Boy Choking On Food

This is the moment a cop runs into the police station with a choking boy in his arms before managing to dislodge the obstruction with abdominal thrusts.

boy saved by cop

The incident took place in the town of Lorca in the south-eastern Spanish region of Murcia when concerned relatives ran into the police station to ask for help as the young boy was choking on food.

Reports said that 40-year-old officer Anibal Alias ran to where the boy was choking and carried him into the station.

A police spokesperson told Central European News (CEN) that the boy’s sister ran into the station to inform them that her brother was choking next to a nearby parked car, as seen in the footage.

In the video, Alias is seen running across the road to carry the boy back to the police station.

In the following scenes, the cop appears to carry out abdominal thrusts on the choking boy before apparently managing to dislodge the obstruction.

The police spokesperson told CEN: “The child passed out and the officer continued performing abdominal thrusts until the food was dislodged.”

Meanwhile, the quick-thinking cop, who learned first aid during police training, told CEN: “I have spoken with the family and they told me the kid is doing fine.”

The police advised the family to have the boy checked at a medical centre, but it is unknown if they did so.

Netizen ‘Hgopositorcnp’ commented: “Well done! The cop’s quick actions show the importance of learning first aid at police academy.”

‘JuliaMF’ said: “Bravo! It is reassuring to know you also save lives. Society is not fully aware of all the great work you do.”

‘Gudrinex’ wrote: “I am sure the boy will never forget what you did for him officer!”