Cruel Hunter Shoots And Drags New Mum Pooch On Ground

This is the moment a hunter is filmed dragging a new mum pooch – which had just given birth to six puppies – along the ground by a rope after reportedly shooting the dog.

The incident took place in the municipality of Chantada, in the northwestern Spanish province of Lugo, in the Galicia region.

The man reportedly beat the animal, shot it and dragged it for several metres leaving it badly injured.

A driver who heard the noise of the shot decided to record the scene that was later shared by animal rights organisations Mundo Vivo and PACMA.

The footage shows the moment the hunter drags the apparently injured animal through a tunnel before dumping the still-living dog on the ground.

The man then reportedly abandoned the dog which was later taken to the Rof Codina animal hospital.

Meanwhile, her six puppies, only 15 days old, were taken to an animal protection centre.

According to the spokesman of the nature organisation Libera, Ruben Perez, the hunter reportedly justified his actions saying: “I am a hunter, and I shoot whoever I f*cking want”.

Animal rights organisation Mundo Vivo is now reportedly set to take legal action against the hunter and the adult dog remains in a serious condition in hospital.

A spokesperson for the group told local media: “It is still taking medication, it has blows to its head. Fingers crossed it recovers.”

They added: “Its only crime was to have given birth”.

This organisation also shared some pictures of the puppies with the message: “These are the babies of the dog that is fighting for its life, the one that was shot, beaten up and dragged by a hunter in Chantada, Lugo… we hope that he will face the full force of the law… we need exemplary sentences for those monsters… who only deserve death”.

Mundo Vivo also said that the puppies are in good health.

The organisation told local media the man could face 18 months in prison for the crime of animal abuse.

It is unclear if the Spanish Civil Guard is investigating the case or if the hunter has been identified or arrested.