Cars Washed Down City Street In Devastating Spain Floods

This footage shows cars being washed away down the road as Spain is battered by floods with city streets being turned into rivers.

The ‘Elsa’ cold front has caused floods in the south-western Spanish province of Huelva, leaving roads inundated and many homes without electricity.

Cars Washed Down City Street Floods

According to local media, the province’s worst-hit area was reported in the municipality of Nerva where streets were flooded, vehicles were swept away and homes were waterlogged.

Firefighters have been working around the clock in the municipality to attend emergencies caused by a river breaking its banks and flooding the nearby town centre, as seen in the video footage.

According to reports, several residents were rescued by firefighters after becoming trapped in their homes and vehicles.

It is currently unclear whether there have been any injuries or fatalities.

Similar incidents were reported near El Perrunal where firefighters needed to assist several trapped motorists, according to local media.

Reports said that the N-433 main road and the A-461 between Zalamea and Santa Olalla were blocked by upended trees, debris and floodwater.

Residents shared video clips of the affected areas on social media, showing cars and people being swept along flooded streets.