21 Tourists Trapped In Valencia Cave Saved By Helicopter

This is the moment 21 tourists are airlifted on board a rescue helicopter in southern Spain after taking refuge in a cave when a paddle surf excursion was hit by bad weather.

The incident was filmed at Llop Mari Cove in the town of Jaeva in the province of Alicante in the south-eastern Spanish autonomous community of Valencia.

According to local media, 21 tourists, nationality unknown, were rescued by the ‘Helimer 202’ helicopter belonging to the Maritime Safety and Rescue Society.

In the footage, several group members are seen being lifted on board the helicopter as it hovers above the cave.

According to local media, the tourists were paddle surfing when the weather changed and the water became choppy with two-metre high waves.

The emergency services needed several hours to rescue the group due to difficulties reaching their position, according to reports.

They were first spotted by a Spanish Civil Guard patrol boat at around 4.30pm and the rescue mission finished just after midnight.

One mother suffered a broken arm while her daughter has been treated for minor injuries. Some of the tourists also showed signs of hypothermia, according to local media.

The local authorities said that the paddle-surf excursion company ignored a weather alert warning residents that strong winds of 120 kph (75 mph) were expected.

The tourists were reportedly taken to the Port of Alicante for checks at the Maritime Safety and Rescue Society’s HQ.