Hundreds Flee As Smoke Fills Air In Spain Factory Fire

At least 250 workers were evacuated from a solvent recycling plant in Catalonia  yesterday as thick black smoke and flames fill the air from a huge fire that raged throughout the day.

The blaze at the Derpin company plant, which recycles solvents and industrial waste in Montornes del Valles in the eastern Spanish province of Barcelona, was attended by 25 firefighting units, according to local media.

The authorities were concerned that the huge fire could spread to other nearby factories and at least 119 offices and 250 workers were evacuated from the area.

The Civil Protection authority said it is unclear whether anyone was affected by the fire at this stage and advised residents not to go near the area.

Videos have been shared by residents on social media since the fire started earlier this morning.

The authorities also asked the owners of nearby houses and offices to ensure that their doors and windows are closed and to report incidents of fumes or bad odours entering through the air-conditioning systems.

Meanwhile, train services have reportedly been told not to stop at the Montmelo railway station until the situation has been contained.

At the moment, it is not known what caused the blaze and the clean-up operation is ongoing.

The local authorities have yet to confirm that the incident is under investigation.