5 Injured As Irish Vessel Hit By Huge Waves Off Spain

An Irish container ship has encountered trouble off the Spanish coast due to severe storms and high waves and five of the 10 crew members needed rescuing due to injury.

The Arklow Day vessel, displaying an Irish flag, experienced difficulties off the coast of Aviles in the northern Spanish region of Asturias during strong storms that affected the area.

Shortly after leaving port, the vessel was battered by waves as high as nine metres (30 feet), according to reports.

The ship’s captain contacted the rescue services to report that five crew members had been injured.

Reports said that a huge wave destroyed part of the deck and swept five crew members off their feet, dragging them across the deck like something from a movie.

A Spanish maritime spokesperson told Central European News (CEN) that the five victims include a Ukrainian worker and four from the Philippines.

Local media said that the five injured crew members were airlifted to the El Musel Port in Gijon where the emergency services were waiting to transfer them to nearby hospitals.

The Ukrainian worker, who is said to be the most seriously injured, was taken to the Hospital Cabuenes where he will undergo surgery, while the others were transferred to another hospital, according to reports.

The workers were reportedly injured while colliding with heavy items on the ship’s deck as the huge wave washed over the Irish vessel.

Reports said the Arklow Day arrived in Aviles from Dunkirk in France with a cargo of 9,915 tons of steel.

The ship, which was built in 2011 with a maximum capacity of 11,000 tons, left the Spanish port at around 9pm.