Bloodied Activists In Half-Naked Madrid Fur Protest

A group of animal rights activists protesting against the fur industry while posing half-naked with fake blood smeared over them in the middle of Madrid.

The protest took place in Callao in the centre of  Madrid and was organised under the slog “No compres muerte” (Don’t buy death).

The protesters lay on the ground and pretended to be “skinned animals”. The images show them lying on the ground half-naked with fake blood smeared over them.

According to a spokesman for the association Gladiadores por la Paz (Gladiators for Peace), they decided to protest in December because it is the season “with the highest rates of fur buying, due to Christmas and the cold of the winter season”.

Some of the activists were wearing skin-coloured underwear whilst a woman dressed in all-black plays a cello.

Posters reading “fur is dead” can be seen at the protests and another spokesperson for the association, named in reports as Carmen, read out a letter saying that fur coats are no longer needed as there are synthetic alternatives.

She added: “Animals are hot harmful, in order to fabricate fur they must be killed and skinned.”

The protest comes after a group of around 50 protesters gathered in the centre of Barcelona and lay on the ground while covered in fake blood as a sitting woman holding a sign shouted out “suffering is not elegant”. The Barcelona protest was also against the fur industry.