Bloodied Naked Barcelona Black Firday Fur Protest

Around 50 animal rights activists protested against the fur industry while posing naked with fake blood smeared over them in the middle of Barcelona in a Black Friday protest.

The incident was filmed in Catalunya Square in Barcelona in the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia during the first day of the Black Friday sales and was later widely shared on social media.

The protest was organised by the animal rights organisation Anima Naturalis to make people aware of the “thousands of animals which are mistreated and murdered every year for the fur industry” and demand that the Spanish authorities ban the practice.

The protest consisted of dozens of activists lying on the ground while covered in fake blood as a sitting woman holding a sign shouted out “suffering is not elegant”.

Her sign read: “How many lives for a coat?”

The naked protest with fake blood was intended to show how animals look after being skinned for their fur, according to reports.

According to a spokesperson for Anima Naturalis, the animals most affected by the fur trade are minks, ferrets, foxes, seals, otters, cows and chinchillas.

Anima Naturalis said that cats and dogs are also used for clothing in China.

The group claimed that around 32 million animals are sacrificed for their fur in Europe every year.

Since 2007, the UK, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Greece, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands have reportedly banned fur farming.

Demonstration organiser Cristina Ibanez said: “Our country [Spain] avoids discussing the matter and it is time to bring Spanish legislation in line with the rest of Europe.”