Environment: 40 Year Old Yoghurt Carton Washes Up On Tenerife Beach

This plastic yoghurt carton from the 80s has survived for 40 years and has washed up on a tourist beach in Tenerife.

The ancient yogurt carton of the brand Danone was seen by a Twitter user on the beach in Tenerife, on the south-western Spanish region of the Canary Island.

The Twitter user who is reportedly the owner of a hiking blog shared the picture of the yoghurt pot found when he was walking around the coast.

The yoghurt is from the brand Danone, a well-known brand of yoghurt, still with the painting of a strawberry.

As the carton seemed not to be new, the Twitter user reported that he surfed on the Internet and found out that the tin was actually from the 80s, so that the tin was 40 years old and was almost intact.

The picture was shared with the message: “Today I found in the coast of Tenerife, this plastic yoghurt carton from Danone… It was curious because of the format and surfing on the Internet I found out that this design was used in 1980. Forty years this plastic rubbish has been moving around. Everyone can think about their own conclusions.”

The picture received more than 900 likes and was commented by netizens, such as ‘TomCanariiGC’ who said: “We are suffering the damages of the past that is reaching to the present. And we start too late to make people aware of something that has been done for years.”

‘cheomm88’ said: “Plastic is bad, but the worst thing is the human being that still today throws papers to the ground, plastics, and cigarettes… “