Dumped Dog Saved In Nick Of Time From Dustcart Crusher

This is the moment a refuse worker spots a dog that is about to be crushed by the dustcart after being abandoned in an underground bin.

The footage shows the whining dog, believed to be around one year old, being pulled backwards by its lead inside the dustcart.

The video was shared by the animal association ‘Agosagats’ which rescued the pooch in the municipality of Alcanar in the province of Tarragona in the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia.

According to an Agosagats spokeswoman, the dog was well-fed and wearing a lead. It had allegedly been dumped in an underground bin that was being emptied into the dustcart when it was spotted by a refuse worker.

The spokeswoman told Central European News (CEN): “The dog must have been thrown into the underground bin because there is no way it could have got into it by itself.

“Workers heard the dog’s whimpers and managed to stop the dustcart just as the animal was about to be crushed.”

According to reports, the refuse workers handed the dog over to the animal association ‘Egrescats de Amposta’ and representatives from Agosagats went to retrieve the poor pooch.

The spokeswoman told CEN: “We went to look for the dog, but it wasn’t at the shelter anymore and we found it at a salon for pets. The animal was being cleaned and treated for parasites.

“It did not appear to be a stray dog because it was well fed and wearing a lead.”

Dumped Dog Saved In Nick Of Time From Dustcart Crusher

Reports said that the dog is currently staying with a foster family in case its owners try to find their missing animal. If it has not been claimed in the next 20 days, the pooch will be made available for adoption.