Bull Pins Man To Wall And Gores Him At Spain Festival

This the moment a man is repeatedly gored by a bull which pins him against a wall and lifts him into the air during a bull running event in Spain.

The incident took place in the ‘bous al carrer’ event during local festivities in the town of Borboto, in the eastern Spanish region of Valencia. ‘Bous al carrer’ events see bulls released into the streets for locals to bullfight with them.

In the video, a young man can be seen running around the bull before sprinting to safety.

A man named in reports as Paco P. R., who is from Manises, also in the Valencia region, then takes his turn but slips as he tries to run away from the bull and the huge bovine then charges at him.

The bull knocks the man into a wall before goring him with its horns. The animal lifts the man into the air before repeatedly pinning him against the wall as onlookers try to pull it away by its tail.

The bull continues its attack as onlookers try to goad it with red flags until it is eventually distracted.

Bull Pins Man To Wall

Local media reported that the man suffered a serious injury after being gored at least six times and he was taken to a hospital.

The organisation which organised the event said that Paco P.R. is a well-known participant in these events and called for calm as his life was not at risk despite the serious injury.

Local media report a man named Jose Espejo was also hospitalised after attending another ‘bous al carrer’ event in the town of Pucol, also in the Valencia region, and being gored.

He is in Valencia Hospital after being gored by the bull in the bottom, leg and chest. Doctors are reportedly working to prevent his wounds from becoming infected.