Satanic Tattooist Kills And Dismembers Teen Girl

This tattoo artist has been arrested for killing and dismembering his female teenage pal – and cops have reportedly found Hannibal Lecter and Satanic paraphernalia in his home.

Leandro, the suspect.

Colombian national Leandro V.J., 27, was arrested in the Valdemoro district of the autonomous community of Madrid in central Spain, 27 kilometres from the capital on suspicion of having murdered and quartered the body of his 18-year-old female friend, whose name has not been reported but who was reportedly a Spanish national.

Local media report he is suspected of having choked the teenager to death in a chalet which he used as a tattoo shop – and he called himself the “Butcher Tattoo Artist” online. The suspect has reportedly been living in Spain since at least 2014.

Reports state he then allegedly quartered the body, throwing some of it into dustbins in the local area while the rest was reportedly found in his kitchen. According to some sources, body parts were found in a barbecue being used in an attempt to destroy the evidence, although this has not been independently confirmed.

The ex-girlfriend reportedly took photos of the scene and then went to the police to reports what had happened. She has been arrested on suspicion of concealment.

The officers then went to the scene and arrested Leandro, who allegedly confessed to the crime and, according to reports, told officers “I killed her because she laughed at my Colombian accent.”

He is being held in provisional detention without bail. He has been placed on suicide watch and reports state he has suffered from schizophrenia in the past.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo report “posters of Hannibal Lecter, katanas (Japanese swords), knives and objects to carry out satanic rituals and witchcraft” were found in the suspect’s home.

Investigators are still working to recover all of the victim’s body parts from bins in the area.

It is unclear if the suspects have been charged.