Storm Floods Madrid Streets Causing Tourist Travel Chaos

This is the moment vehicles and wheelie bins are swept along a flooded street in Madrid in a storm that sparked chaos and flight delays for tourists visiting the Spanish capital.

The incident was captured by residents in the central Spanish capital and shared on social media where videos have been widely circulated.

According to local media, the sudden deluge caused some roads to collapse and led to the closure of the M-40 motorway for several hours.

The hailstorm also affected underground train services and several flights at the Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suarez Airport.

According to local media, due to the proximity of the storms to the airport Adolfo-Suarez Madrid Barjas, flights were delayed due to changes in their routes and landings.

Reports said that 36 litres of water per square metre were registered at the Ciudad Universitaria metro station in the Spanish capital.

Many homes and businesses were affected by the flash floods, with Arganda del Rey considered the most affected municipality in the autonomous community of Madrid.

Footage shows the municipality’s streets like a fast-moving river as cars, wheelie bins and other large objects are swept along by the mass of water.

Arganda del Rey Mayor Guillermo Hita said that the storms caused “significant damage” to the area while announcing that the council has opened an office for residents most affected by the floods.

Fortunately, no one has been reported as injured so far.

Another video shows one of the city’s metro stations flooded, with water pouring from the platform onto the tracks

According to local media, the emergency services in the Community of Madrid attended 1,134 incidents between 4pm and 9pm on 26th August.