Sparks Fly As Helicopter Hits Overhead Power Cables

This is the moment a flurry of blue sparks fly from an overhead power line after it is hit by helicopter trying to put out a wildfire.

Sparks Fly As Helicopter Hits Overhead Power Cables

The startling scenes were recorded by an onlooker as the helicopter was participating in the effort to extinguish a fire which had sprung up in an area of farmland in the municipality of Coreses, in the central Spanish province of Zamora.

In the video, the helicopter can be seen carrying a bucket hanging from a cable below it towards the fire which had sprung up in an area of stubble near an industrial zone.

The pilots come in low as the helicopter approaches the fire but they then crash into overhanging power lines, sending blue sparks flying.

The pilots react quickly, flying away from the cables and keeping control of the aircraft.

Local newspaper La Opinion de Zamora said the crash caused some electrical issues in the area with some temporary electricity cuts.

Officers from the municipal police and Civil Protection went to the scene and managed to extinguish the fire whilst also solving restoring the electricity, according to Concha Rosales, Head of the Area of Security of the city council of Zamora.

The causes of the fire are unknown but reports state it was stopped before it reached an industrial area where it could have caused significant material damage. The nearby N-122 road had to be temporarily closed during the fire as smoke caused a lack of visibility.

The helicopter had travelled from the Villaralbo air base. No injuries have been reported in the incident.