Spanish Cops Gun Down Escaped Bull In Hail Of Bullets

This is the moment shots ring out as Spanish cops repeatedly fire at an escaped bull with live ammunition after it ran through the streets and injured three people.

The incident took place in the town of Algemesi, in the eastern Spanish region of Valencia during the popular “novilladas” event which sees members of the public running with bulls inside a bull ring.

According to local media, two bulls managed to break free from the rope which was being used to take them to back into their cages and they escaped from the bullring and into the town.

Spanish Cops Gun Down Escaped Bull In Hail Of Bullets

One of the bulls was quickly found and returned but the other bull was reportedly running through the town centre for an hour, leaving three people injured, including one woman who was hospitalised.

In the video, the moment cops found the bull next to a river an opened fire, with the animal reportedly receiving five bullet wounds before dying.

Another clip shows how officers had corralled the bull by using a patrol car to stop it running down a narrow street.

Raquel Aguilar, the coordinator of the animal rights political party PACMA in Valencia said the incident had been “dealt in a bad way”. The officers reportedly fire over 20 shots when killing the bull.

The city council said that “due to the dangerous situation, the animal was shot by the officers when the situation was safe, while the other bull was taken in a lorry to the pens”.

They said that of the three injuries, one of the victims was hit by one of the animals and the other two were injured from falling while running away from the animals. The victims were attended by paramedics in the area and only one woman was taken to the La Ribera hospital. There are no updates on her condition.

Authorities met with the heads of the police and members of the bull commission in order to analyse what happened and to study measures to reinforce the security measures where the bulls are kept.

PACMA requested the cops’ behaviour be investigated “it was out of place and it was disproportionate. We have already reported the case to the police”.

One day after the incident, the Spanish Civil Guard shot two other bulls which had managed to escape from their breeders’ pens in Tales, in the eastern Spanish province of Castellon, also in the Valencia region.

According to the authorities, they were shot for security reasons. The owner of the breeders reported the two bulls had escaped and the authorities had begun searching in the area until they were found and shot to death.