Spanish Beach Closed After Locals Hack Up Dead Tuna

This is the moment beach-goers hack to pieces a huge tuna that became stranded on the beach following the cold front and heavy storms that have battered many parts of southern Spain.

The incident was filmed on La Manga Beach in the south-eastern Spanish region of Murcia and was shared online where it has been viewed over 32,000 times.

In the footage, a group of people are gathered around a large tuna on the shoreline that has been cut to pieces.

Two men appear to be cutting off chunks and placing them in plastic bags while a woman says “here they are, sharing it out” before adding “they are destroying it”.

Other images show several tuna fish that had washed up on the same beach over several days.

Spanish Beach Closed After Locals Hack Up Dead Tuna

After the devastating storms passed the region, which had seen thousands of residents evacuated from their homes, the local health authorities warned people not to eat the washed-up tuna.

A health department spokesperson said: “The tuna are not okay for consumption as they could have high levels of histamine and other contaminants, plus they may have been dead at sea for three days.

“Anyone who finds marine animals on the shore should call the authorities right away so they can be removed to prevent public health issues.”

The local council have decided to close all access to La Manga Beach following the arrival of washed-up tuna and will notify residents when it is ready to be reopened for use.