Spain Bull WIth Horns On Fire Falls 15ft In Cruel Custom

This is the moment a poor bull whose horns have been set on fire as part of local tradition breaks through a fence before falling over 15 feet in the dark and landing on its back.

Spain Bull WIth Horns On Fire Falls 15ft In Cruel Custom

The disturbing incident took place at the Sagunto festival, held in the town of Sagunto in the eastern Spanish province of Valencia and was recorded by onlookers.

In the video, the disorientated bull charges into a fence enclosing it – breaking through the metal as onlookers scream.

In another clip, the bull can be seen with its horns ablaze and an onlooker can be heard saying “it’s going to fall, it’s going to fall”. The bull then stumbles backwards falling nearly five metres (16 feet) before landing on its back.

The bull was eventually found in a river several kilometres away with the use of a thermal camera.

The Mayor of the town, Dario Moreno, said: “It was a complicated operation that took more than nine hours of work due to, among other factors, prioritising not causing any harm to the animal.”

Local media report a vet has confirmed the bull did not suffer serious injuries in the incident.

PACMA, a Spanish animal rights political party, has denounced the incident and reports suggest they intend to seek legal action.

Raquel Aguilar, the coordinator of PACMA in the region where this occurred, told local media: “We usually sue in the cases with enclosed bulls with their horns on fire because it is not really authorised in the current regulations and, therefore, is at the very least illegal.

“Moreover, in this case the bull fell several metres and it is not just that it could have broken a leg. There could have been injured people or even a fatal accident like we have seen in the past, unfortunately”.

Aguilar also stated that she thinks its “really bad” that “in the 21st century this type of fun is still encouraged”.