Sick Teens Force Helpless Kitten To Smoke Lit Cigarette

This is the moment a group of youngsters hold a kitten upside down and force it to smoke a lit cigarette prompting outrage online.

The incident was shared on social media by the Spanish political party Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals (PACMA) after it was reportedly filmed by the youths in Almeria in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia.

The footage shows one youth holding the kitten upside down before forcing its mouth open to smoke a lit cigarette.

Sick Teens Force Helpless Kitten To Smoke Lit Cigarette

PACMA have called on the local authorities to investigate the incident and identify the culprits.

Spokeswoman Laura Duarte said these kinds of stunts “always happen and are shared on social networks with impunity”.

She added: “It is time to change the legislation so that stronger punishments are handed out and people mistreating animals like this can be sufficiently sanctioned.”

The political party also pointed to a case last year when a woman from the city of Jaen identified by her initials E.M.V.M. killed a cat in a washing machine.

After she posted the video on social media and caused an online stir, the woman then threatened to continue killing animals and posted a photo of her with a dog alongside the message: “Next victim. You do not want me to kill more cats so I will kill dogs.”

It is unclear whether the cigarette incident is being investigated by the local authorities.