Scared Spain Bull Tries To Climb In Home Through Window

This is the moment a bull tries to climb through an open window into a house during a bull-running event in northern Spain.

The incident took place in the town of Milagro in the northern Spanish autonomous community during the area’s San Blas (Saint Blaise) festival.

Scared Spain Bull Tries To Climb In Home

According to reports, the bull named ‘Fugitivo’ (‘Fugitive’) tried to break into a house during the town’s ‘Running of the Bulls’ event.

The video shows the moment the aptly-named bull running down the street towards a wooden barrier.

As it looks for a way out, it sees a man filming from an open ground-floor window and wanders over.

The bull then hops onto its hind legs and tries to squeeze its bulky frame through the house window, forcing the man to jump backwards.

The bull desperately clambers to get inside the house before a worker pulls its tail and manages to distract it.

Concerned crowd members can be heard yelling “do not call him” and “do not hit him” so as to not further aggravate the spooked animal.

At the end of the footage, the bull is seen being directed along the planned route.