Rare Turtle Stuck In Net And Plastic In Spain Rescued

This is the moment rescuers pull a rare turtle trapped in plastic and nets from the sea on a popular Spanish beach.

Rare Turtle Stuck In Net And Plastic Rescued

The turtle was rescued on the Malvarrosa beach in the city of Valencia, in the eastern Spanish region of the same name and was pulled from the ocean by police officers and members of the Red Cross.

In the video, the rescuers can be seen pulling the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) from the water, with a net seemingly caught in its mouth and round its flipper, along with several plastic bottles. The net and plastic were reportedly causing the animal difficulty moving.

The Red Cross said that the turtle was taken to the Oceanographic aquarium in order to be attended. The turtle is being considered as a victim of the cold front that recently hit Spain which left six people dead and a lot of damage along the Mediterranean coast.

Netizen ‘agrimensor777’ said: “Oh my God… this image should make us reflect. We do not deserve the planet we are living in, because we are destroying it and the animals are suffering the consequences”.

And ‘Driver_blue’ added: “This one was saved… but how many other animals are in the sea suffering the consequences of the rubbish thrown away into the sea”.

While ‘monicosymonetes’ wrote: “We are the biggest plague, we should be conscious and not only recycle but stop consuming so much plastic.”

The loggerhead sea turtle is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN’s red list.