Rampant Bull Kung-Fu Kicks Festival Goer Into Wall

This is the moment a rampant bull ‘kung fu kicks’ a festival goer running alongside it during a Spanish street festival and sends him crashing into a wall.

Bull Kung-Fu Kicks Festival Goer

The incident was filmed in the municipality of Yeste in the province of Albacete located in the central Spanish autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha during the Saint Bartholomew Festival.

In the footage, shared on Facebook and viewed over 31,000 times, a mob of bulls is seen being herded along a town street as festival-goers chase the animals.

Excited residents are heard cheering and whistling as the herd of bulls runs down a narrow street with eager festival-goers in hot pursuit.

A young man in jeans and a blue top sprints alongside the herd and, without turning its head, an irked black-and-white bull near the front coolly bucks its rear legs and hits the man, sending him flying into a wall.

Clearly dazed, the man gingerly sits up as other festival-goers run over to help.

According to local media, the man was taken to a nearby hospital for medical attention, but fortunately did not suffer any serious injuries.