Moment Dad Who Nabbed Daughter From UK Nursery Arrested

This footage shows the arrest of the dad who allegedly snatched his two-year-daughter from a nursery in Nottingham in the UK.

According to the Spanish National Police, the Algerian father entered the nursery with a weapon, tied up nursery workers and snatched his toddler daughter to take back to his homeland.

The flight reportedly stopped at the Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suarez Airport in the Spanish capital where the unnamed man was arrested before the flight to Oran, a port city in north-western Algeria, could take off.

The investigation started when the National Crime Agency in the UK alerted the Spanish National Police about the alleged abduction.

According to the police, the father went to his daughter’s nursery in Nottingham where he threatened staff with an unspecified weapon and tied them up with rope.

Moment Dad Who Nabbed Daughter From UK Nursery Arrested

He then tried to flee to Oran in Algeria with the child before the police arrested him on the plane as it was about to take off.

Meanwhile, the youngster was found in a healthy state and was handed over to social services before being flown back to the UK.

The investigation into the alleged abduction is ongoing.