Moment Bull Leaps Over Fence Twice Into Bullring Stands

This is the moment a bull leaps over the fence at a bull running event and into the stands of screaming onlookers twice – leaving four people injured.

Bull Leaps Over Fence

The incident took place during one of the ‘encierro’ bull-running events of the local parties in the town of Cortes, in the northern Spanish region of Navarre.

In the video, a bull can be seen running around the bullring full of spectators when it suddenly leaps over the protective fence and into the stands.

Onlookers can be heard screaming and some spectators help pull those stuck near the fence to safety.

The bull can be seen running around the outside of the fence and then back into the bull ring, where a man with a red cape tries to distract it.

The bull runs towards the man who sprints to safety before the bovine leaps the protective fence again as another bull runs into the ring.

Both bulls then end up in the ring and another video shows how the bull had charged into the stands of onlookers after leaping the fence.

Reports state a woman from Bunuel (in Navarre region) and a 74-year-old man from Mallen (Zaragoza province) were injured along with two others who have not been identified in reports. The elderly man had to be taken to hospital in a very serious condition and underwent urgent surgery.

The organisers reportedly decided to remove the bull from the ring and the event was cancelled in order to help paramedics attend to the injured.