Migrants Land On Spanish Beach As Bathers Watch

This is the moment a boatload of migrants land on a Spanish beach in broad daylight and they run past bathers as they celebrate reaching Europe.

Migrants Land On Spanish Beach

The incident took place at around 10.30 am on Sunday on the beach of El Zapilo, in Almeria province, in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia and was recorded by onlookers.

Local media report 18 migrants from Algeria landed on the Spanish beat on the small white boat and the video shows them seemingly cheering and reportedly shouting “we are in Spain” as they reach land before they sprint across the sand.

The woman recording can be heard saying “I’m shaking” and reports say onlookers called the police. Twelve of the migrants were later arrested while six of them managed to escape into the nearby neighbourhoods, according to reports.

Two men were reportedly arrested for coordinating the arrival of the boat.

Local media report more than 300 migrants were rescued by the Marine Rescue Service and Spanish Civil Guard last weekend.

Nine boats reportedly arrived to the region of Murcia, near Almeria, also in the southeastern coast of Spain.

Reports state 15,000 migrants have arrived to Spanish territory so far this year, while 211 died trying to reach the Spanish coast.