Knifeman Smashes Out Of Spain Cop Car And Climbs On Roof

This is the moment a suspected knifeman smashes his way out of a Spanish police car and clambers onto the roof before playing up to the huge crowd of onlookers.

According to reports, the young man was involved in a knife fight with another person in Can Ros in the municipality of Sant Vicenc dels Horts located in the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia.

Knifeman Smashes Out Cop Car And Climbs On Roof

Frightened locals called the police who arrived and arrested the knife suspect while his wounded opponent was found bleeding on the ground, according to reports.

The knife victim was taken to hospital while the unnamed Moroccan suspect was placed in a police patrol car.

However, as seen in the footage, he smashed his way out of the cop car from the inside before playing up to the huge crowd of onlookers from the vehicle’s roof.

Local media said that the authorities are investigating how the suspect was able to break out of the police car and why he was not handcuffed during the arrest.

No police officers were injured in the incident, but the damaged patrol car has been removed from service for repairs.

Mayor Miguel Comino moved to assure local residents that “Sant Vicenc dels Horts is a safe area” and that the crime rate is much lower than other parts of Catalonia.

The investigation is ongoing.