Fireworks Leave 7 Hurt During Catholic Festival In Spain

This is the moment fireworks organised for a Catholic religious procession are accidentally blasted into a screaming crowd of believers in Spain leaving seven people injured.

Fireworks Leave 7 Hurt During Catholic Festival

The incident was filmed during a pilgrimage to commemorate Our Lady of Cabeza in the town of Pegalajar in the province of Jaen located in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia, and the footage has been widely shared on social media.

In the video, the procession is seen carrying a religious statue through the crowded street towards the church.

As pyrotechnics are set off outside the church, the display then starts to shoot fireworks into the crowd.

Devotees are seen running from the church as explosions go off around them.

At the end of the footage, crowd members are seen keeping a safe distance as several people appear notably shaken, including one tearful young girl.

According to local media, at least seven people were injured in the incident although most of them only required treatment for minor burns.

Reports also said that the procession did not have the necessary permits to carry out a fireworks display.

The organisers issued an apology on social media after the bungled display.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Civil Guard have reportedly launched an investigation into the incident.