Cyclist Risks Life On Busy Motorway In Gran Canaria

This is the moment a cyclist without protection gear risks her life by riding along a middle lane on a busy motorway in the tourist island of Gran Canaria.

The cyclist, who has yet to be identified, was filmed riding along the island’s busy GC-1 motorway which links the northern capital Las Palmas with Puerto de Mogan in the south.

In the footage, the woman is seen cycling in a middle lane without any apparent protective gear.

Meanwhile, cars on either side have to navigate around the vulnerable cyclist as she pedals along on her small bike.

According to reports, the motorway is prohibited to vehicles that cannot reach minimum speeds of 75mph.

Local media said there had not been any reports of motorway incidents or accidents involving bicycles on the day in question so it is assumed the woman left the road safely despite the despite the risk danger.

Cyclist Risks Life On Busy Motorway

It is currently unclear whether the Gran Canaria authorities are investigating the incident. Local media speculated it must have been a tourist, apparently because locals would have been aware of the danger of using the motorway in this way.

According to reports, the Canary Islands received around 16 million tourists in 2017 with Brits being the biggest market.

The same study in 2017 said that British visitors to Gran Canaria contributed to 30 percent of the island’s total tourist turnover.