Cop Helicopter Intercepts Migrant Boat At Spanish Port

This is the moment a police helicopter lands on a harbour wall to intercept migrants in a dinghy arriving on the southern Spanish coast.

The incident took place at the Cabo de Palos Seaport in the municipality of Cartagena in the southern Spanish region of Murcia where 200 North African migrants arrived last weekend, according to local media.

The video shows a Civil Guard helicopter landing on the harbour wall to intercept the small vessel.

Local media did not mention how many people were in the boat or where they come from in North Africa.

In recent days, the local authorities in Cartagena have intercepted 18 boats carrying 200 migrants

On 5th October, eight boats were spotted during the night and they were intercepted the following morning at the port of Santa Lucia.

On Sunday afternoon, 10 boats with 106 illegal immigrants were reportedly stopped in the same area.

Cop Helicopter Intercepts Migrant Boat

On one vessel, a woman, two minors and a baby were rescued close to the city of Cartagena.

In the last 10 days, the local authorities said that around 450 migrants have arrived in the Spanish region due to the favourable weather conditions.

Cartagena vice mayor Noelia Arroyo has called on the central government to collaborate with the council to prevent the port city from becoming a gateway into Europe for illegal immigrants.