Colombian Hitman Arrested In Barca For Killing GFs Lover

This is the moment a suspected Colombian hitman is arrested in Barcelona over the killing of his girlfriend’s lover.

Cops arrested the man in Los Pupis in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, in the eastern Spanish province of Barcelona.

According to police, the operation which was carried out with the help of Interpol, ended up with the arrest of the alleged killer of a medical student who was killed in a garden with his friends.

Colombian Hitman Arrested For Killing GFs Lover

Police reported that the alleged killing was carried out after a relationship developed between the victim and the hitman’s girlfriend.

Police said that the student was shot twice in the chest and those injuries caused his death.

The suspect was charged with homicide and illegal possession of weapons.

The investigation started in July when the Colombian authorities told Spanish cops that the suspect may be in Spain.

An international arrest warrant was ordered by the Colombian authorities who believe that the suspect belongs to a drug trafficking gang controlling the city of Palmira, in the metropolitan area of the city of Cali, in the western Colombian department of Valle del Cauca.

It is unclear when or if the suspect is due to appear in court.