90yo Woman Knocked To Floor In By Cash Grab Thug

This is the moment a 90-year-old woman is violently robbed by a young couple who snatch her handbag and knock her to the floor.

The shocking incident occurred as the woman was into her block of flats in the city of Zaragoza, in the northern Spanish region of Aragon as she returned from the bank.

In the video, the OAP, whose name has not been revealed, can be seen walking into the block of flats with the help of a crutch.

A young woman follows behind her, helping hold the door for the OAP as a man comes in behind them. As the elderly woman walks into the building the man snatches her handbag, violently tugging it from her grasp and sending the victim crashing to the floor.

The two aggressors then run away with the victim on the floor. She told local media: “Like every month, I was going back home from taking money out at the bank and doing some grocery shopping… Even though the door is automatic but yesterday I did not do it.

Local media reported that passersby did not attend her calls for help and it was a neighbour who went into the building who found her. “I do not know how I managed to get up,” she added.

90yo Woman Knocked To Floor

The woman reported the assault to police and hopes the couple will be arrested soon.

Police are investigating the case and checking the fingerprints in the building and the footage from the CCTV cameras.

The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been reported.