5 Young Men Seriously Injured In High-Speed Bike Crash

This is the moment two motorbikes crash at high speed leaving five youngsters seriously injured.

The incident took place in the area known as Nuevo Boulevard, in the city of San Pedro, in the eastern Argentina province of Buenos Aires and was recorded by a CCTV camera.

In the video, two motorbikes can be seen travelling at high speed down a road when a third bike suddenly pulls out in front of them.

One of the two bikes avoids the third two-wheeler but the rider of the second bike cannot avoid a collision and all of those involved are sent crashing to the ground.

One man can be seen getting to his feet and hopping to the pavement. Another man is lying motionless on the tarmac as another biker pulls up and appears to call the emergency services.

5 Young Men Seriously Injured In Bike Crash

The man in red then moves slightly as debris is seen strewn across the road. Local media reported all five victims were taken to the hospital. Victims Ivo Vellon, 18, and Manuel Vives, 17, who were on board a 110 cc motorbike were unconscious when they were taken to the hospital.

Alejandro Ternovi, 22, suffered a severe fracture to his left leg and had to undergo urgent surgery.

Valentin Gurmindo, 19, and Andino Shindrig, 19, who were on the third motorbike, were also injured but not seriously and one of them suffered a small injury to his skull.

There are no updates on their condition.