7 Barcelona Neonatal Nurses All Pregnant At Same Time

These seven neonatal nurses who all work in the same department have hit the headlines in Spain after they all posed together showing off their baby bumps in the corridor of the hospital.

The nurses all work in the neonatal department of the Vall d’Hebron hospital, in the city of Barcelona, in the eastern Spanish region of Catalonia and posed for a photo which was shared by the head of the department, Felix Castillo.

The picture was taken by the Head of nurses, Marta Reche, but it was shared by Castillo. It shows the nurses showing off their bellies: Sandra Cristobal, 36, Marta Moreno, 41, Pikli Cortes, 31, Cristina Jimenez, 34, Elena Balague, 47, Silvia Munoz, 32 and Ana Gros, 37.

He shared the picture online with the caption: “We have the solution to increasing natality. It was given by the nurses and auxiliary workers of the neonatal service of the hospital”, and he added “So far it is an outbreak of known transmission but I hope it will turn into an epidemic. The problem will be to replace them. Let’s go!”

The photo received more than 1,300 likes and was widely commented on by netizens.

Sandra Cristobal, one of the nurses who is in her 36th week of pregnancy, told local newspaper La Vanguardia that “there are days that are not easy. You are taking care of a baby which is 24 or 25 weeks old, sometimes it is smaller than the one you are carrying inside yourself. You look at it and you look at yourself. You have to give the mum emotional support, you have the belly in the middle, you are alright, she is not.”

The neonatal unit of the hospital is made up of 178 professionals and is the largest in Spain. The unit is currently treating 45 babies at a serious risk plus 24 more which are ready to be discharged, four who are hospitalised with their mother and 12 more who are under care at home.

Castillo said that in the 30 years of working in the hospital, he had never seen an explosion of pregnancies like this.