Girl Dies After Choking On Sandwich In School Break

A 15-year-old girl has died after choking on the sandwich she was eating during the school lunch break.

The tragic incident took place at the Az-Azait Secondary School in the city of Jaen in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia while the girl was receiving special needs tuition with teachers.

According to the National Police, the emergency services were called to the school at around 12.30pm, but the child had already died by the time they arrived.

A police spokesperson confirmed that the “paramedics could do nothing to reanimate the student”.

Local media said the 15-year-old girl was receiving special needs support with several teachers who could also not save the student from choking to death.

Staff immediately contacted the emergency services, but sadly it was too late.

Education councillor Javier Imbroda sent a message of condolence to the teenager’s family via a press release and voiced his support for the teaching staff who “attended the student”.

Susana Diaz, the general secretary of the left-wing political party PSOE, also sent a message of condolence to the girl’s family and teachers.

The local authorities have confirmed that they are investigating the student’s tragic death.