African Migrant Found In Port Vegetable Box Inspection

An African migrant has been found among a cargo of vegetables when Spanish cops were inspecting the crates of runner beans and one officer touched the hidden man’s hand.

According to the Spanish Civil Guard, the immigrant was caught hiding in the vegetables on a boat that had just docked at the Port of Almeria in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia.

The unnamed migrant was in a van that had crossed the Alboran Sea on a ferry from North Africa although it is not yet known which country he had travelled from.

The young man was discovered when one officer suspected the van was carrying undeclared cargo and carried out an inspection.

While the cop was rummaging through boxes of runner beans, he touched someone’s hand.

The illegal immigrant was reportedly found in a box under several crates of vegetables.

He was suffering with signs of exhaustion and dehydration, according to the Spanish Civil Guard.

The van driver was arrested by the police while the African migrant was taken to a medical centre for a check up.

So far this year, the Civil Guard said that they have caught 108 migrants crossing from North Africa into Europe who were hidden inside vehicles or had jumped into the sea prior to docking.