Madrid Feminist Activitists Chain Themselves To Royal Palace

These images show how a group of topless FEMEN feminist activists chained themselves to the railings of a Madrid palace in protest against far-right political party, VOX, who were due to turn up for political rally later.

Four activists from the FEMEN movement chained themselves to the Palace of Vistalegre in the Carabanchel district of the Spanish capital Madrid in protest against an event from the far-right political party VOX being held there.

The activists said they were protesting against the “fascist, racist and homophobic” ideology of VOX.

Images show the four protestors topless and strapped to the railings of the palace with words written on their skin.

Protestor Lara Alcazar told reporters that FEMEN are working to show that VOX “cannot take any more steps” and that the party’s ideology “threatens democracy”.

According to Alcazar, the National Police cut their chains and they were then checked by female police officers and identified before being forced to leave the scene at around 8am when buses of VOX followers were arriving.

VOX had organised the event to celebrate the anniversary of their beginnings in the political scene and to launch their pre-election campaign for 10th November.

The even comes in a week when one of its members Malena Cotesti decided to quit because the party, led by Santiago Abascal, “criminalises women, is homophobic and extremist”.

Two other presidents of the party in the provinces of Zamora and Albacete have also resigned from the party.

FEMEN is a Ukrainian radical feminist activist group now based in Paris which describes itself as “fighting patriarchy in its three manifestations – sexual exploitation of women, dictatorship and religion”.