Huge Waterspout Twists Off Majorca Coast After Storm

This is the moment a huge waterspout twists its way towards the coast of Brit holiday hotspot Majorca following a heavy rainstorm.

The adverse weather conditions that affected the north-east of Spain earlier this week moved on to the eastern region of the Balearic Islands, causing power problems and flash floods, according to reports.

Having just returned to school after a lengthy summer break, students in 19 municipalities across the Balearic Islands learned that their classes have been suspended due to the storms.

The weather conditions also produced a huge waterspout that was filmed approaching the coast of Raco de s’Arena in the south of Majorca.

Videos show the waterspout spiralling towards the coast while attached to a dark brooding cloud.

Another clip shows tables and chairs moving along a flooded public square.

Reports said that the Balearic Islands have been placed on orange alert as more storms with winds of over 60kph (37mph) are expected over the coming days.

Local media said that no one was injured during the twister’s lifespan.

Waterspouts have a five-part cycle starting with the formation of a dark spot on the water surface, then a spiral pattern. This is followed by the formation of a spray ring and then the funnel, before finally disappearing.

They take place over water while tornadoes occur over land. In rare cases, a waterspout will continue moving onshore where it technically becomes a tornado.